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Welcome to the Pearson Library's Religion Resources Guide!

This resource guide will help you discover all that the Pearson Library has to offer, from finding books to finding articles, as well as our other services to help you find what you need.  Ask us if you need any help!

Research Steps

5 steps to successful research

Find a focus: Develop a manageable topic - not too broad, not too narrow.

Frame your topic idea as a research question.  Here's a few examples: Did the Essenes influence Jesus' teachings? How does the marriage rite differ between Jews and Muslims?  What is the purpose of head coverings in different faith traditions? Is "just war" incompatible with non-violence? How can I develop a successful youth program in urban areas?

 Identify needed information: Decide what sort of books, reference sources, and articles will help you thoroughly research your subject.  Consider current books, eBooks, and journal articles, and decide if you need to interview experts on the subject.

Create your research strategy: List keywords, synonyms and related terms, subject terms, and descriptors for your research.

Review your findings: Look at the quality, quantity, and relevance of your research.  Are your sources credible? Does your research answer your question?  Are you finding relevant facts and quotes?  Identify the gaps.  Ask yourself: What else do I need to know?  What seems to be missing?

Subject Guide

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